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Endless lines

HonorĂ© de Balzac in ” Le Chet-doevre inconnu” uses the master Frenhofer to enlighten us on certain aspects of art: “the line does not exist…one cannot define the boundary of a (human) form since it is actually made up of a series of volumes that fade into one another.”
Is the line then an arbitrariness of the artist? Can the line free itself from the role of defining forms and elevate itself to pure abstraction?
Yes. It can.
Endless lines are pure line, pure universal energy; visualizations of sound, perfect frequencies. Observe: the pen glides across the paper; an elegant, confident gesture, the starting point will also be the ending point. Energy becomes line and condenses into a visible trace where curves and straight lines wind and intersect in a path that has the duration of a breath. The point is reached, the line closes and the energy can now flow along the new trace endlessly.
The endless lines are interactive artworks that require the intervention of the viewer to activate the sound and frequency that appear on the surface of the work.